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Azul, Otra Vez by Melis Aker, Jacinta Clusellas, and Tatiana Pandiani — How The Donkey Got Punched by Micheline Auger — Looking at Christmas by Stephen Banks — Mooncalf by Perry Blackshear — Tom is Trying to Find Himself by Rachel Bonds — Hey Brother by Bekah Brunstetter — Heart & Soul Yoga Studio Beirut by Olivia Clement — DIRT MAGNET by Olivia Clement — WILLOUGHBY ROAD by Olivia Clement — This Place Will Be My Salvation by Alexandra Collier -- Black Cat Lost by Erin Courtney -- Yes We Can by Stacey Davidowitz -- Shiner by Christian Durso -- The Reenactors by Juliana Francis-Kelly -- Restoration Comedy by Amy Freed -- The Fall of The House of Sunshine by Jonathan Goldberg -- Forgotten Bread by Sevan Greene -- SMAIL by Tariq Hamami — Nothing Left to Burn by Adi Hanash & Patrick Vassal -- Kingdom of Spirits by Aisha Jabour — Time In Kafka by Len Jenkin -- Zombie Love by Laurence Klavern -- WE LIVE IN CAIRO by Patrick and Daniel Lazour -- The Vandal by Hamish Linklater -- Polo Grounds by Hamish Linklater -- When We’re Alone by Erez Mossek & Jonathan Mossek -- House of Strength by Rahaleh Nassri -- She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen — Untitled Play by Matthew Paul Olmos — Moonbase (9 Serialized Episodes) by Willie Orbison -- Oliver Eats Cake by Christopher Oscar Peña --Unexplored Interior by Jay O. Sanders -- Out of Joint by A. Rey Pamatmat -- The India Plays by Kyoung H. Park -- NERO by Kyoung H. Park -- The 1s and the 2s by Donaldo Prescod — What Happened to Noura by Heather Raffo — Calling Puerto Rico by Juan Ramirez, Jr. -- Standoff at Highway #37 by Vicki Ramirez -- The Conquest by José Rivera -- Another Word for Beauty by José Rivera — MARISOL by José Rivera — Sueño by José Rivera — The Undesirables by Jeff Ronan -- Black Escalade by Caitlin Saylor Stevens -- Company Happy Hour by Caitlin Saylor Stevens — IOWA by Jenny Schwartz and Todd Almond -- SUBJECT by Sarah Shaefer — The Strangest by Betty Shamieh -- Codes of Honor by Betty Shamieh -- Sarah Flood by Adriano Shaplin -- Yes We Can by Daniella Shoshan --NILA by Jen Silverman -- The Shallows by Tommy Smith -- DB by Tommy Smith -- The Final Days of Sarah Kane -- by Tommy Smith -- Plucker by Alena Smith -- Metro Cards by Chris Sullivan -- The Blue Hour by Jacques Tephany -- The Blind Billionaire by Lucy Teitler -- Benghazi Bergen-Belsen by Lahav Timor -- Indian Country by Kaili Turner — A Foo Fable by David Van Asselt -- The Adventure of the Head of Mamlouk Jabir by Sa’dallah Wannous -- Docket 32357 by Eljon Wardally -- Sensitive To Bite by Eljon Wardally — Nine Days Falling by Mac Wellman -- Diversity Awareness Picnic by Leah Nanako Winkler -- Untitled Play by Leah Nanako Winkler — Mr. Poulos by Donald Wollner -- Thieves by William S. Yellowrobe -- Wood Bones by William S. Yellowrobe -- Broken Pearls by Arthur Yorinks -- Fisherman And His Wife by Arthur Yorinks -- The Witch's Child by Arthur Yorinks