THE INTERIOR LIFE OF CLEMENTINE BOURGEOIS: Clementine Bourgeois is young, gorgeous, and needs therapy. A short film about lucid dreams and drugs. Inspired by "The Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown," an oil painting by Douglas Bourgeois. Commissioned by Mia Chamasmany.

A DANGEROUS ELECTRICITY: A playful performance installation concerning a group of five East St. Louis children left to their own devices in a burned-out school building.

DILUTED SCARLET: A short story about art and bondage, featured in Lassie Magazine.

$C!-F! N0V3L F0R T33N$: A post-apocalyptic, intergalactic saga about what happens post global warming. A full-length musical with seven vocal parts. Book and Lyrics by Veracity Butcher, Music Composition by Thompson Bennett Davis IV.